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The Development of Nepal is not so Far

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Mohammad Abdul Hamid the president of Bangladesh returned his home country on Friday.
While returning his home country he admire our country Nepal and said that “Nepal is not only a beautiful country of nature, but a country with an extraordinary natural blend with tremendous potential abd the development of this country is not far off. There is a potential for political leadership to emphasize the political leadership.”
He said that he is returning to his home country from Nepal which is rich in it’s nature beauty and it’s culture and returning to his home country by collecting a beautiful memory  the beautiful country leading the way. He thanked all those people who helped to make ‘special’  four days of Nepal’s trip.
He  talk with President Bidhdevi Bhandari in Kathmandu. He made a discussions with the president of Nepal  to  bilateral cooperation between two countries in advance he also made a discussion with a leaders of Nepal. He said, “The cooperation between two countries are  essential for the development of both countries.

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