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7 Ways to Strengthen your Immune System

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Here are 7 ways to strengthen your immune system

At present, there is terror of corona virus pandemic all over the world including Nepal. The world’s scientists are busy in developing of the drugs and vaccines against the virus. Some people are also being tested.

But no cure or vaccine has been found yet. Doctors and scientists are trying their best. The United States approved a drug which was made during the Ebola outbreak for the use in patients of corona virus. However, US experts say that ” there is no guarantee that the drug will kill the corona.”

Therefore, there is no alternative to avoid corona for now. That is why the countries of the world are in shambles and people are staying at home that’s the best way to escape from the corona virus.

But such measures are not enough to prevent from the virus. In fact, the most important thing is the immune system of our body to fight against the virus that is, the ability to fight the virus. According to experts, if we can increase this ability, we can avoid not only the corona virus, but any other kind of viruses, bacterias or diseases that attacks us.

Here are seven suggestions from public health and nutritionists:

1. Nutritious food
Eating garlic and lemon were mentioned to to fight against the corona virus. Although eating these foods are beneficial for our health and body but there no scientific evidence that these foods can kill the virus.

According to the nutritionist Supriya Bhattarai, it is better to eat vitamin-rich fruits and fibrous vegetables to protect the beneficial bacteria in our body and strengthen the immune system.

2. Regular physical exercise
When harmful bacteria enters in our body, (WBC)the white blood cells in our blood counteract them. Experts says “that physical exercise is essential for movement of the White Blood Cell which fights against the disease.

According to Dr.Vishwanath Koirala, a public health expert white blood cells are like soldiers in the body and by activating them regularly, the immune system will be stronger in our body.

3. Rest and sleep
Diet and exercise alone are not enough to strengthen the immune system. For that, proper rest and sleep are equally needed. As the body is a biological device, it also needed. Experts says that with less stress and more sleep, makes the the immune system stronger.

Experts also says that yoga and meditation also helps to strengthen the immune system. According to the prestigious American Yoga Journal, yoga helps to reduce the hormones that cause depression and to get rid of harmful substances that are produced in the body.

4. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol
According to experts, the immune system of a person who do not consume the alcoholic substances and cigarettes are stronger in comparison of the person who consumes alcohol and cigarettes.

Public health expert Dr. Arjun Karki has suggested that, ‘If you have a habit of drinking or smoking, quit that habit immediately or keep reducing it. If you do that, you will feel that your body’s immune system is getting stronger. ‘

Studies have shown that smoking and drinking are more likely to cause infections in adults.

5. To be creative
According to experts, due to the lack of time and the busy life style many people are not being able to become creative. But being creative can be strengthen your immunity power says Dr. Koirala.

According to him, the happiness gained by participating in creative activities leads to creat frustration and loneliness. That’s why you should do garden work, painting or other artistic creation, decorating the house or writing stories / poems.

6. High morale
There are plenty of examples of people who have developed an abnormal ability to fight against their disease because of high morale. An example of this is our own Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

The corona virus is taking more lives in these days senior citizens are more infected by the virus and dying. But in some parts of the world, even people over the age of 100 have been healed. The doctor says that this is the result of high morale.

7. Vaccine
Our body contains beneficial microorganisms, which protects us from harmful germs that invade from outside. But people with respiratory diseases, such as cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes, have fewer of these beneficial bacteria. Even people who take antibiotics die.

Therefore, such people should pay special attention to strengthen the immune system. And regular vaccinations can strengthen the ability to fight the disease. Karki explains. But for that, a vaccine must be made.

For example, in Nepal, children are vaccinated against tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, hepatitis-B, tetanus, pneumonia, and measles and rubella.

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